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Tips for safer cycling

Tips for safer cycling


Always be alert to what is happening around you!

-        Respect road signs and signals (red lights, one-way streets, stop signs, etc)

-       Always look out for pedestrians, particularly at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings

-       Be aware of other cyclists and ensure they can always see you

-       Do not cycle on footpaths

-       Cycle in single file even when cycling in a group

-       Do not undertake vehicles if they are turning right 

-       On the road, keep right unless specific paths are provided

-       Do not transport passengers, ”le vélo” bikes are designed to carry only one person

-       Do not lend your subscription card / ticket to any other person 

-       Watch out for vehicle doors opening

-       Signal changes of direction with your arm

-       Do not wear headphones while cycling

-       Watch out four blind spots