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“le vélo” Stations

With 130 stations throughout the city, there is always a station nearby!

The terminal

At the terminal, it is possible to:
- Hire a bike
- Buy a short-term ticket with your bank card (7-day ticket)
- Top up your annual subscription card
- Obtain information about the service
- Check maps
- Check real-time availability of bikes and parking
- Check that your bike has been returned correctly by printing a receipt
- Report a problem by calling the customer service
Tactile screens provide you with a very simple browsing experience!

The bike stands

At each station, you will find between 10 and 20 bike stands. The number depends on the environment and frequentation of the area. Bike stands allow the locking and unlocking of bikes. A green light and sound signal indicate whether you have returned your bike correctly or not.

If the bike is not properly in position, the light remains red and a continuous beep is emitted. This means the bike return operation has not been registered by the service. In that case, please contact us on 01 30 79 29 13 (Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm / Saturday-Sunday: 9am-7pm) to obtain assistance in English.